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About Our Company

Founded in 2017, Durham’s Plumbing & Heating, L.L.C. is a privately held, certified Woman-Owned Small Business located in Pueblo, Colorado. Our dedicated, experienced, team delivers on time and in budget, with unsurpassed quality. As a full-service specialty plumbing contractor, we provide our clients with the best master, journeyman and apprentice plumbers. They are ready to install, retrofit, replace and upgrade any plumbing system. With crews dedicated to quality and safety, our team can meet any plumbing challenge quickly and safely. We believe in taking a proactive, forward thinking approach towards the installation of major plumbing systems, by working with designers, to ensure the accuracy of construction and installation throughout the duration of the project.

We Are Fully Licensed & Insured

Why Insurance Matters

Most states require that contractors demonstrate

proof of insurance as part of

Contractor and business insurance usually falls into two types:

obtaining a

trade license.

1. Liability — Covers property damage and injuries caused by the contractor's work. It will not normally pay the cost of repairing or replacing bad work; that's the purpose of the bond.

2. Workers' Compensation — Provides payments to injured workers, without regard to who was at fault in the accident, for lost wages and medical services. It also provides benefits to the contractor's family in the event of death. If the owner is the only employee, workers' comp may or may not be required, depending on the state.

Any contractor you hire should be insured. When interviewing a prospective company, ask to see a current Certificate of Insurance (COI) then call the insurance company to verify that the policy is current and the coverage is sufficient for your project.

Plumber Fixing Sink



plumber can be

Homeowners in Colorado want to feel secure that their chosen

trusted to perform

excellent work.

Hiring a licensed and insured contractor provides a comforting level of security to homeowners in the event that problems arise with the services received.

Understanding the difference between the levels of protection afforded by being licensed and insured can help homeowners make informed decisions.

Licenses are issued by local or state governments as required by the law. A government licensing board typically issues a license only after a contractor has demonstrated competency through testing and passing an accredited program. Licensed contractors are required to renew their licenses regularly to ensure they continue to meet the minimum requirements for their field. Licensing requirements vary greatly between local governments and the various states. In Colorado, plumbers are licensed by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Professions and Occupations. Contact the Board to understand the licensing requirements.


Insurance held by a contractor serves two purposes.

First, the insurance provides compensation should the customer’s home or property be damaged during the course of the job.

Second, the insurance protects the contractor in case any of their workers are injured on the job. Hiring an uninsured contractor can result in a customer being responsible for paying for damages or injuries sustained while the contractor was on the job.


As a newly established business, we understand that Trust is the cornerstone to all customer experiences. Since we have not yet firmly rooted ourselves within the community, we have provided easy access to verification of all of our credentials.

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